How to earn Money quick with Cricutny? Up to $500/day.

How to earn Money quick with Cricutny? Up to $500/day.

How to earn Money quick with Cricutny? Up to $500/day. 150 150 Helen

How to earn money fast from home? [For Free]

Want to earn money quickly and fast?

It takes 5 minutes of your time + an Instagram account, a blog, a Pinterest or a Facebook account. Oh, some friends might do the trick as well.

All you have to do is to post a unique link to your preferred social platform, and you will get paid each time someone comes and join from your link. 

The money will be sent to you via money transfer, no question asked. The results are impressive and pretty quick. Starting this literally takes no more than 5 minutes of your time. Think of yourself as a partner of my team but by investing only a few minutes per month or week, you decide.

I created the Cricutny community during the Covid to help each other. Since the opening, many home crafters and Etsy shops have made beautiful art using the material from So many moms create material for their children, and it’s heartwarming to know this shop community is helping so many people. With this referral system, the help mission is growing. 

You, your friends or your referrals can get unlimited designs and fonts for the price of a coffee while YOU will earn money from home for free! It’s fantastic!

Want to start now?

1. Create your free account, it takes 30 seconds to create.

2. And, click at the top right on the coin icon or the 3 lines icon if you are on mobile to get your unique URL. Voilà!

Oh, did you know you will get paid FOREVER!
Yes, unlike amazon and all the others, there is no time limit when someone clicks on your link. They can click today and join 6 months later. You will still get paid; how amazing is that!

Remember? The mission is to help each other. 🙂 When I win, you win, too; Yay!

Better Life With Cricutny.

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Earn Money when you invite your friends. Up to $500/day.

Here’s a simple and effective solution to earn money quickly from home. This is for you if you have friends using the Cricut design space. That means a new revenue stream to your life!

How does it work?

Invite friends, and you earn $5 cash for every 3 friends that upgrade. It’s so simple 🤑 and I post new content every week so your friends will always have new fonts and designs. 

Why do people prefer Cricutny over Etsy? Because on Cricutny, people only pay for one item, and they get all the others for free, yes, the entire shop for free!

Don’t want the money? No problem. You can even upgrade your account to a 6-month membership for free, which means free fonts and design for free for 6 months! 😃 You decide; you are in total control.

I’m gifting you $2 now (Look at your account).
How cool is that!

Making money with Cricut in 2022 doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have friends using Cricut, or perhaps you have followers on Instagram or Facebook, this earning solution is best for you, and you will probably earn money the same day you start.

I have seen people making up to $500 a day on Cricutny. And she is achieving this only by sharing posts on Instagram and posting videos on Youtube! Yes, it sounds surreal, but it’s true.

Don’t believe me? Look at this screenshot when I paid her a few days ago from Paypal.


How to make money fast with cricut?

And she earns this money regularly only by sharing on Instagram and inviting her followers on her Youtube channel. She only has 40K followers on Youtube, so anybody can do it, even you!

Everybody can earn, there is no limit, and I work hard daily to create and post new content to attract new people to Cricutny. This, in return, helps you tremendously when you invite people!

What is the first step?

The first step is to register for a free account by clicking here. Don’t worry, you will not be charged. You only need to create a free account.

Once you are logged in, click on the gold coin located at the top-right if you are on a computer or click on the icon at the top-right if you are on a mobile or tablet. You will see a button to open your “Invite Panel.”

How do I earn money?

Then, if you open the sliding window located on the right side of your web page, you will find your dedicated sharing buttons. 

By clicking on these buttons, you can share on Facebook, Pinterest, or Twitter, use your given unique URL to post on your Instagram account or send by email to your friends. There are many ways to share using your buttons or invite using your dedicated URL. (Yes, your URL looks cool, don’t worry)

Your earning total will appear on your panel. Once you click on your earnings, I will send you the money immediately, no question ask.

I see multiple people here earning enough money to cover their whole week as a salary; it’s incredible!

Scroll down to see how it works in more details

How To Start?

Don’t forget that you need to log in to access your panel. (Again, It’s free)

Using a desktop computer or a laptop

If you are using a desktop computer or a laptop, you can click on the coin icon located at the top right. You need to be login to view it.

Using a Mobile or a Tablet

And if you are Tablet or mobile, please follow these steps below.

How it works

1. Each time you invite someone by sharing your URL or sharing through a social website and those people register to the Cricutny website, your “Invited Friends” total will increase. (But they must register (it’s free to register) to see the rise in the count. This value is not the number of times you shared)

2. Once someone upgrades (Pay via credit card) their account to, it will be indicated in the “Joined Friends” section by adding +1 for each joined friend. That’s how you can distinguish between those who came from your sharing action and pay to upgrade vs those who came from your share but did not pay yet.

Click on the “Invite Friends” button.

How to invite my friends?

You are ready to invite your friends as many as you want.

You can either click on the copy button, and it will copy your unique URL, and you can paste it anywhere you want. Once your friends click on your URL, they will be redirected to a particular page on 


You can share by clicking on one of the social icons. I recommend sharing via Pinterest or Facebook, but you can share anywhere. 

If you wish to share via email, you can click on the Gmail icon.

In both ways, your friends will all be redirected to a special page. From there, we handle the marketing for you 🙂 

How to Get Paid?

If you wish to get paid, you need a Paypal account, and you will need to enter your Paypal ID in the typing box at the bottom and click on the submit button.

There is a minimum of $25 to get your money but don’t worry; your money is safe in your Cricutny account. You can withdraw your money anytime you want with a maximum holding of 7 years.

How to claim my rewards?

Claiming Money

Once you get enough joined friends, you will see your money earned. You can click on the Coin icon, and Cricutny will receive your request. Please note there is a minimum of $25 to withdraw your money. Once your request is received, please wait between 24 to 48 hours for Cricutny to process your request, and your money will be sent to your PayPal ID.

Claiming a 6-month free upgrade

It takes a minimum of 3 joined friends only, so once you see a minimum of 3 joined friends, you can click on the key on the left side, and your account will be upgraded.

Please note that you can not claim money and free upgrade simultaneously, and you will need to choose between the two options.

For example, you click on the “key icon” to claim a free 6-month upgrade. Once it is processed, your joined friends will decrease by 3 to display your new total. The “joined friends” section is not a history of your upgraded friends but a current total of your joined friends. It is easier to understand that way 🙂

I know what design my friends want, but I don’t see it online

If you think a font or a design is missing on Cricutny, you can email me at and suggest your design idea. I will do my best to create it and add it on Cricutny. I trust your words, so I will work my best to make sure your friends join the website. It’s a win-win situation, after all.

Now, you ask why my work?

I am still working with some fantastic designers on the floor, so each designer has its own style, same as mine, but I do my best to provide what crafters need, and I follow the trend every week. The best is when someone on Cricutny needs a design I don’t have; my designer co-workers on the floor are always there to supply me with a new design and license. This relation is beneficial for crafters, and that is what is important.

I receive many crafters to the studio here in New York asking advice for their project. The community is growing, and it gives a good feeling at the end of the day.

Usually, when people come to the Cricutny website, they find a design or a font they need. On top of that, What you find on Etsy is already here, so there is no reason to go somewhere else. Oh, and let’s talk about pricing. 

That’s probably your best argument, I guess during this economy. On Etsy, Like all the other sellers, we sell per item. Yes, it’s better, but we have been in the COVID crisis for two years, so I decided to provide all my designs at a low one-time price, $4.98. Obviously, people are happy about it, ah ah.

In short, Cricutny is better than Etsy. Lower price + weekly trend design, and it won’t stop there!

That’s why crafters around the world like this shop!

I believe selling on Etsy is really not easy. Ask to Jennifer about it, the famous Etsy blogger. And a lot of shops, small or big, are closed every day by Etsy for the wrong reason. 

Imagine having your shop but without having to manage the supply; wow! This is what “Cricutny Affiliate System” should be for you.

I create design weekly to attract new people to the Cricutny craft community from around the world (not only in New York), and all you have to do is share with your friends, Pinterest, Facebook… and you get paid for that. 

In my opinion, that is the best job ever. This job is perfect if you have spare time and a computer/laptop/mobile/tablet. I would share all day long if I could. Imagine $5 x ……., every—single—day. It’s all depends on your sharings. It isn’t amazing!!

Earn money forever!

Your friends can join six months later; it doesn’t matter because you will still earn your money. Unlike Etsy or Amazon, there is no cookie time limit!

This sharing system is a very simple way to add a new revenue stream to your life. I, Helen, work on new custom designs and fonts for Cricutny while you make money by inviting your friends to the Cricutny website. How simple and beautiful is that!

I have been working on Etsy for many years, but I always wondered how we could all work together instead of competing against each other. On top of that, all the Etsy fees have been killing crafters for a few years. This system is the perfect solution to make you and your friends earn money quickly.

🍎 Thank you for being part of this incredible journey! 🗽

About the author


Full time designer and photographer from new York.

Best Cricut fonts and images that makes your design truly stand out.

Every Cricut fonts and cricut svg files are uniquely designed at the Cricut NY shop in New York from an ever-growing design library! Save money on projects using Cricut templates, cricut design, svg images and fonts from the best-talented designers (including me 😜 ) + Starbucks, Disney, Marvel, Paw Patrol, LOL Doll, Star Wars, Harry Potter & many other custom designs are included for Cricut design space and Silhouette cameo.

New design & fonts every week!

Contact Support
Available everyday to help you with your Cricut fonts and images.   New York | 9 am to 9 pm | Monday to Sunday

Cricut Community in New York

The content you see on this page has been optimized for Cricut design space and Silhouette Studio. These designs are the most popular files from my shop here in New York. That’s what crafters, just like you and myself, are eager to use the most. Instead of posting thousands of low-quality content, I prefer to provide you with the most beautiful fonts and unique SVG designs. This page is a little place for us, crafters and designers.

You can contact me in English and French.

Top Etsy Seller 2021 & 2022, I care for all the crafters.
Thank you all!

You can contact me in English and French.

Top Etsy Seller 2021 & 2022, I care for all the crafters.
Thank you all!

Every fonts, images, and templates are compatible and optimized for Cricut design space, Silhouette Cameo, Brother ScanNCut2 or any other cutting machine. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Adobe Acrobat and even with Canva.

Did you know?

Free Fonts from the web vs Cricut Fonts

Cricut fonts are specifically designed to cut perfectly with Cricut machines and all the other cutting machines. So they’re always the safest option.

So many free fonts are available over the internet, from swirly and script-y to blocky and bold. Ordinarily, system fonts will cut just fine. You may run into an issue when working with a particularly distressed or detailed font. Since system fonts and the free fonts from the web aren’t designed to be cut, the Cricut machine may struggle and end up destroying your material. Save yourself money on mistakes and losing materials by using Compatible and Optimized Cricut fonts, which would be the safest bet.

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Fonts and Images For Your Craft Projects on Cricut design space, Silhouette Cameo and any cutting machine.

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