How to upload svg to Silhouette Studio

How to upload svg to Silhouette Studio

How to upload svg to Silhouette Studio 600 500 Amy Cricut New York Staff

How to upload svg to Silhouette Studio

SVG won’t upload to silhouette studio?

Here’s why

Uploading SVG images to Silhouette can be tricky because the Silhouette cutting software doesn’t allow SVG to be uploaded unless you pay for their upgraded version.

And, you probably have the basic Software that arrives with the Silhouette Studio.

So many people ask all the time why can’t you use an SVG image in Silhouette Studio?! Here is the answer. You must have the upgraded DE version of the Software to be able to import SVG files.

Today I am going to show you how to use SVG’s without upgrading. Actually, we will need to change the SVG image format to a DXF image format. That’s what we are about to do:

How to convert SVG to DXF image. 

Instruction using the Inkscape software:

Step 1: Download Inkscape on your computer. It’s free.

Step 2: Launch Inkscape

Step 3: Open the file you would like to convert. File menu, open, select your SVG file.

Step 4: Now that you have your file open. Select File menu and save as >> Desktop Cutting Plotter. 

Save the SVG image

When it asks to select the file type, select that option: ROBO-Master type of spline output. Click OK.

Voila! Your file is ready for use in Silhouette Studio.

It’s important to note that your new file is now a DXF image file. That’s the only way you can use your current SVG image to your Silhouette cutting Software.


To avoid this little work for all your SVG cut files, I strongly recommend verifying whether DXF images can be provided with your designer or seller since Silhouette’s free version accepts DXF. 


Ready to upgrade your Silhouette software to Silhouette Designer Edition?

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