how to ungroup in cricut design space

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How to ungroup SVG in Cricut design space

Ungrouping letters or images in Cricut design space is fairly simple; once you know how to do it. Let me teach you how.

In this example, I am going to take the mandala design. A very popular design with Cricut recently.

This design comes with over 100 mandala designs, so we have no choice to ungroup it to use only one design.

As a side note, the steps are the same to ungroup in Cricut on iPad.

Let’s start:

1. First, let’s upload the mandala file (If Cricut tells you the file is large, don’t worry, it’s ok. Wait, and it will upload the file.

2. The file will show in a very small size, so we need to resize it.

3. With your mouse, right-click and select “ungroup”. It will ungroup all the designs. Look at the right side.

4. Now, we want to keep only one (1) mandala design. For this, we will select the one we like and push it away.

5. Instead of selecting the layer’s eyes icons on the right side, we will create a selection all around the mandala group. That way, it will select all the designs we don’t want to use. That method is faster.

And then, click the delete button on your keyboard to remove the whole selection. Or, you can right-click in Cricut design space and select “delete.”

Voila! Now, you have the design you want to print.

The process is the same for any SVG image, so now you know how to ungroup SVG images or even letters in the Cricut design space.

Happy crafting!

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