How to sell Cricut items on Etsy

How to sell Cricut items on Etsy

How to sell Cricut items on Etsy 560 400 Evelyn

How to sell Cricut items on Etsy

Hi All, My name is Evelyn, and I am an Etsy seller since 2015. I sold over 202,516 items using my Cricut machine, selling custom apron and custom decal for bottles using beautiful fonts. I am making around $80,000 per year, and it’s stable (That’s the best part). 

Selling on Etsy might seem challenging, but it’s easier than you imagine if you do it the right way.

All you need is to pop out from the crowd.

Cricut is gaining so much attention since a few years with their easy software and all those beautiful products created with their cutting machine.

That’s why it’s time to create stunning items with your Cricut and start selling right aways on Etsy! (if you need money, of course!!)

How to sell on Etsy

Forget luck and SEO (Trust me, with the latest search algorithm, Etsy is ranking every product on the first page at least once for a full week even if you are a newbie). Actually, It’s all about one thing.


How? By using exclusive fonts on your products.

Think like a customer, not like the fantastic artist you are. 

Imagine yourself browsing tons of the same item on Etsy. What would make you buy it over the others?

The answer is;


Yep, your product’s appearance is everything.

Have you ever purchase green banana over those beautiful yellow ones? 


The first reason why we click on an Etsy product is that we feel attracted.

Attraction meaning:


the action or power of evoking interest, pleasure, or liking for someone or something.

Being aware of this fact is so powerful that if you apply it to your product’s marketing, you will become a top seller on Etsy quickly.

Everybody is talking about SEO and ranking recently. While it plays a role in your search ranking, it’s far to be the main factor.

Because we mostly use Google, we all have access to the same SEO topics over the web. The majority of Etsy sellers are even using special tools such as Marmalead to copy other sellers’ SEO.

What’s that mean for you and me? If we keep doing the same as the others, our items will always end up near the end of the Etsy search.

You’ll be surprised to see on Etsy how only a few products are truly unique, and that’s why there are only a few Top sellers on Etsy.

If you want to become a top seller on Etsy, you have to become unique.

Again, I repeat; Don’t copy others’ SEO Etsy items, or you will end up at the end of the search. Try it if you don’t believe me. I already tried it multiple times using Marmalead.

Using the Marmalead website or any other “Etsy spy” software means that you will voluntarily compete with all the other sellers on Etsy.

Instead, be unique (I can’t repeat that word enough), and your search image will pop out so much more, attracting more visitors and then sending a signal to Etsy. Etsy search engine will finally promote your product organically across the entire search engine for free. That’s how we do it the proper way, and it’s working very well!

You know what, you already have the best tool in your hand for free; YOUR CREATIVITY.

And what does that mean on Etsy?

More people visit your item, better rank on Etsy and more money in your wallet!

How to be unique on Etsy

At first, thinking like a customer will help you become unique on Etsy because you will finally discover what your audience really needs. Note I didn’t say “want,” but I said “NEED”! You want them to buy it, not to stare at it.

And to become unique on Etsy, it involves investing little money at the right place, and it’s ok because that requirement is creating a barrier to competition, and that’s what we want to become a top seller on Etsy!

There are so many sellers on Etsy selling mugs and decals, and the majority of these Cricut products look way too similar, which is probably the primary reason for failing on Etsy.

The solution?

Again, be unique by using exclusive supply such as exclusive fonts for your Cricut design and craft projects. People will notice it right away, trust me.

And when I say exclusive, I mean paid. Not free, that is so important. You want to use what the majority of people are not willing to pay for. That’s the secret sauce in Marketing, but generally speaking, people are afraid to innovate, so they just copy, and it only increases your own competition, which doesn’t make sense.

Which mug is more attractive, in your opinion?
 To me, that one is catching my attention.
Guess why, the font!

Every Cricut crafter has access to the same material, same software and the same resource; that’s a marketing problem. But not everybody is willing to pay for a unique Cricut font, agree?

And that’s where you kill the Etsy competition.

Show your Cricut items in the Etsy search with a unique and beautiful look. Imagine your exclusive product’s thumbnail next to all the others. For you, it means more Bacon!! 

Etsy rank top sellers

Need proof?

Open Etsy and type mug in the search.

Look at the first 4 items and notice how they look different, not because of the mug itself but because of the design. It’s all about fonts and the look that make you feel when you look at it.

I have seen so many Etsy sellers creating Cricut items using unique fonts going from one sale to 5000 sales within only a few months!

And it’s not about luck or SEO search ranking.

Ah, I know, you might say, “Hell yeah, it’s about SEO search ranking,” but let me tell you something.

Are you aware Etsy is releasing a new search algorithm every few months, similar to Google does!

Each time a new search ranking algorithm is released, items start ranking entirely differently, and what does that mean for you?

While your items were ranking at the very top last week in your area (Your country, city or state), it might not rank it for you anymore on the same page, but it might rank it at the top page to a different audience/country/city, get it?

It’s incredible if you think about it because Etsy is trying to show your items to a different audience over and over. 

Imagine if you spent all this money on google ads, you would lose so much money. Etsy is gifting people, so your best bet is to make your first impression to look the best on the Etsy search result.

And that’s why using exclusive fonts is crucial.

It’s important to understand that Etsy is a marketplace, the same as Amazon and all the others. Their main goal is to make money with sales done by sellers. They don’t want to punish sellers or put preferences on one or another. It’s business, after all. Imagine Etsy as your partner. 

You would pay the rent to your office in real life and then probably someone to help you as well. It means a lot of spending each month. 

On Etsy, however, you let them manage your money (Yep, it’s creepy, I have to admit). They take their fees and do their best to help you with your sales. But if your products suck, so your sales too.  

Cricut free fonts vs paid fonts

Do you know how many fonts are free over the entire web? Over 200 000 free fonts!!!

That means if you use one of these free fonts on your Cricut item on Etsy, you might compete with over 200 000 other products out there, and that’s a big chunk of competition. The most absurd is it can be avoided in one click, but people are too lazy to purchase fonts… Do you understand how using a paid font on your Cricut items can leverage your sales on Etsy?!

“It’s horrible to see that most of the products created with Cricut sold on Etsy are using free fonts. So bad marketing! So much time wasted on adding new Etsy items and so much time wasted in refreshing your “Etsy sold” page to realize all the work you’ve done will be paid with only a few bucks left after all the Etsy fees paid.”

If you want to sell more, you have to do what the others are not willing to do; Buy exclusive fonts. It’s still very affordable, and you will save so much time on creativity, and the best part is because your products will become so much different, your Etsy sales will increase. It’s a no brainer.

The secret of successful sellers on the web?

Be different, sell unique products and use exclusive fonts and material.

Keep in mind that you are competing with zillions of other sellers on Etsy.

It means zillions of the same mug on the Etsy search results. 

Don’t look boring but look unique, and sales will flow like a river!

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