How to download Etsy files on IPhone

How to download Etsy files on IPhone

How to download Etsy files on IPhone 150 150 Amy Cricut New York Staff

How to download Etsy files on iPhone and Ipad

How to download Etsy orders on mobile and tablet is straightforward, but it can’t be downloaded from the Etsy app, so you will have to use your browser to login to Etsy and download your files.

There are two types of purchase method on Etsy.

  1. ordering as a guest (Etsy guest checkout)
  2. Ordering as an Etsy member (Registered account)

How to access downloads on Etsy guest checkout

When you order downloads as a guest, your best bet would be to check your email as soon as your payment is completed. Not to mention that providing your real email during your guest checkout is crucial.

How to download your Etsy files on an iPhone or iPad

1. Go to using your iPhone or iPad and open a web Safari browser (Or any browser that works such as chrome, Firefox, opera etc.), but DONT use the Etsy app, though, because it won’t work.

2. Login and tap on your photo’s profile located at the top right (There is a grey avatar if you didn’t upload a photo). And tap on the “Purchases and Reviews” tab.

Tap on your avatar’s profile located at the top right of Etsy.


4. From Your Purchase and Reviews page, tap on the tiny arrow located at the top side of the item you purchased. (But, don’t open the Etsy app. I know, it’s weird)

Tap on the little arrow on the top side.


3. Next, scroll down until you see a black button named “Download Files.” Tap that download button. 

Tap that download button.


5. Then, you will see your download file(s) with a little cloud icon next to your item’s description. It means that the item is ready to be downloaded).

6. Tap on the item description and you are done! Your iPhone or IPad will ask you if you want to download it. Accept, and your download files will automatically download to your phone.

Just make sure you know the location of your downloaded files on your iPhone/iPad or, at the top right of your browser, there is a little down arrow inside a circle. If you tap on that icon, it will popup your download status. You will see a loop icon next to your download. Tap on that icon to see where your download is located.


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  • Maggie at

    Finally, I wonder why the Etsy app doesn’t allow me to download files, it’s weird, but at least now I know how to access my files; thanks again, Helen!!

  • Brigitte at

    Hi, can i download the etsy files from different devices or they only allow one time download?

    • Helen at

      You can download your files from any device and unlimited time as well (as long as the file is still online because sometimes, sellers remove files to add a new design, it’s expected).

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