Font For Valentine’s Day

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Font For Valentine’s Day

Font For Valentine’s Day

A Cricut Design Space Font For Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s day is the most romantic day of the year. People want to express their love with gifts and others with letters written by hand. This is where fonts become essential. We want to write a message or a name with a font that can express deep and true love. This handwriting font with a brush style is 100% custom-made, and it will reach the heart of your loved one. I am introducing you to Eros, the god of love and her font, created from her hand. The message and name you will create using this romantic script font will bring happiness and deep emotions for Valentine’s day.

The font contains over 59 long tail letters. Not every letter has a tail, but the fanciest characters include multiple tail letters. Let’s take the letter “a” as an example; you can choose 4 different long-tail letters. Some are fancy, and some have very long swirl lines.

The Eros font is perfect for Valentine’s day or a wedding event.


How to use the font with the swirl lines?

The very first step is to install the font. To be precise, you have to double-click or tap on the .ttf font file, and your device or computer will install the font for you.

All the swirl lines come in SVG files. All you need to do is to upload the characters you want to Cricut design space or your preferred design application and start creating something beautiful.

The valentines font is hugely romantic. You can create a name with beautiful curvy lines. Commercial use is allowed.

The font includes the alphabet with french accents as a bonus and 59 long-tail letters.

What’s Included in the digital font file:

  • TTF file and OTF file. That is the font file, and installing the TTF font file is recommended.
  • SVG file. Work best with cutting machines and design applications.
  • Commercial License included. Yes, you can use it for your products!


Installing the .TTF font file is always recommended. You must click or tap on the font file whether you are on a desktop computer, tablet or mobile. The installation will start once you do that. Then, you can open your design application or Cricut, and the font will be available.

canvas image
canvas image
canvas image

available files.

Premium Bundle

The bundle includes the TTF and OTF font files, along with SVG files for long-tail letters.

compatible with.

Cricut Design Space


Silhouette Studio




Canva website




All Cutting Machines




Image processing software


Text processing software


Operating Systems



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