How to create calligraphy font

How to create calligraphy font 150 150 Helen

Creating your own calligraphy font may seem like a complex procedure that requires a lot of time and effort, but it’s easier than you think.

‚ÄčLuckily, I am here to make your life easier, and I will help you start to finish with creating your own unique handwritten font!

‚ÄčToday’s tutorial is all about custom font creation that I did on Etsy called the Chole font. It includes long tails, which is the most consuming time, but it might be faster than expected with some planning.

In my case, it takes me around a month to create a font like the Chloe font from scratch. I start with a sketch on paper, and I move to the computer to make the lines. Let me show you:

Step one

Create a design for the letters. Let’s use the letter c in lower case. I rarely create upper case for long tail letters.

Step two

Now that you have created a design for the letter, all you have to do is to create a tail and it will be use for all the other letters, even those on the other side.

Step three

Step four

That step is very important. Try to visualize the best are to connect the tail to the letter and do your best to make the connection fluid as much as possible. In this example, i create some kind of circle.

Step five


That’s it !

Now, you know how to create a simple calligraphy style font with long tail letters. notice that I created only one tail to save time regardless of it’s side.

You can check my Chloe font on Etsy, thank you!


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