Cancellation Policy

Our Cancellation Policy

Our cancellation policy is very simple. Here it comes: You can cancel at any time.

That’s it! No fine print, hoops, or no legal mumbo-jumbo; you can cancel your subscription whenever you want.

Once you cancel:

  • Your billing will stop at the end of the period (we won’t charge you again).
  • If, for any reason, you get charged again, even if you cancel your account before the renewal date, please get in touch with us, and your charge will be refunded. Your satisfaction is important to us.
  • You will continue to have access up until the end of your subscription.

How do I cancel?

Cancellation is easy, but before you do, was it something we said or did? We are always looking to improve our offer and service. If you are unhappy, you can always contact us at, and we will do everything in our power to make it right.

To cancel:

  • Login to your “Account. “
  • Once logged in, you can scroll down your page until you see a “cancellation” button.
  • Click “Cancel Subscription. “
  • Once cancelled, the cancellation button will become “No Active Subscription.” If it does not work for some reason, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!)

Refund Policy

As soon as your card is charged, we pay in-house designers a share. As all downloads are digital and there are no physical goods, we don’t offer any refunds. You are, however, free to cancel at any time. If you cancel in the middle of your subscription period, you will always keep full unrestricted access until the end of your period.

Do not cancel via email.

Cancelling via the steps described above in the “How do I cancel?” section is the easiest and most instant way of cancelling. You can always mail us for everything at any time, but not for cancellations, please! 

While we will process the cancellation as soon as possible, if it arrives via email, we cannot guarantee that the cancellation will be processed before your next charge. If you cancel via email, we will make no guarantee that we will be able to process it in time, and any future payments are made at your own risk.

Thank you for being so understanding.
Cricutny’s team.

Best Cricut fonts and images that makes your design truly stand out.

Every Cricut fonts and cricut svg files are uniquely designed at the Cricut NY shop in New York from an ever-growing design library! Save money on projects using Cricut templates, cricut design, svg images and fonts from the best-talented designers (including me 😜 ) + Starbucks, Disney, Marvel, Paw Patrol, LOL Doll, Star Wars, Harry Potter & many other custom designs are included for Cricut design space and Silhouette cameo.

New design & fonts every week!

Contact Support
Available everyday to help you with your Cricut fonts and images.   New York | 9 am to 9 pm | Monday to Sunday

Cricut Community in New York

The content you see on this page has been optimized for Cricut design space and Silhouette Studio. These designs are the most popular files from my shop here in New York. That’s what crafters, just like you and myself, are eager to use the most. Instead of posting thousands of low-quality content, I prefer to provide you with the most beautiful fonts and unique SVG designs. This page is a little place for us, crafters and designers.

You can contact me in English and French.

Top Etsy Seller 2021 & 2022, I care for all the crafters.
Thank you all!

You can contact me in English and French.

Top Etsy Seller 2021 & 2022, I care for all the crafters.
Thank you all!

Every fonts, images, and templates are compatible and optimized for Cricut design space, Silhouette Cameo, Brother ScanNCut2 or any other cutting machine. Compatible with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Adobe Acrobat and even with Canva.

Did you know?

Free Fonts from the web vs Cricut Fonts

Cricut fonts are specifically designed to cut perfectly with Cricut machines and all the other cutting machines. So they’re always the safest option.

So many free fonts are available over the internet, from swirly and script-y to blocky and bold. Ordinarily, system fonts will cut just fine. You may run into an issue when working with a particularly distressed or detailed font. Since system fonts and the free fonts from the web aren’t designed to be cut, the Cricut machine may struggle and end up destroying your material. Save yourself money on mistakes and losing materials by using Compatible and Optimized Cricut fonts, which would be the safest bet.

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